Security Monitoring

Every second counts in an emergency.
That’s why our fast response time is important in helping keep you safe even in the worst of situations.

We employ some of the most experienced monitoring operators in our state of the art U.L. listed monitoring center. We also offer wireless security monitoring if you don’t have a phone line in your house.

How our systems works:

  • An audible alarm is triggered, alerting you and most importantly intruders of an emergency.
  • An event-specific emergency signal is sent to our Monitoring Center, where operators are standing by to help and dispatch emergency responders.
  • One of our skilled monitoring center operators will contact you (or a predetermined contact) to verify the alarm.
  • An operator dispatches help to your location immediately and calls your personal emergency contacts to warn them of the situation at hand.

Our monitoring solutions are here for your protection and peace of mind so that you never have to feel vulnerable.

A Typical Response Time

Burglary 01:45:07
Calls Premises 01:45:20
Calls Police 01:45:47
Calls Contact List 01:46:01
Calls Police 01:46:26
Call From Police 01:48:42
Calls Police 02:03:11